The Secrets of Hiram Abif:
A "Key" to Understanding Masonic Symbolism 
by John R. Heisner

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The Secrets of Hiram Abif by John R. Heisner

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The Secrets of Hiram Abif

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John R. Heisner

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A study of the esoteric meanings of the symbols & symbolism of the Freemasons. Purchase your copy of  "The Secrets of Hiram Abif" by John R. Heisner

Freemasonry teaches that life is endless.
In the rituals conveying that lesson, Masonry introduces us to a fictional character named Hiram Abif.

Through Hiram, Master Masons are taught that death of the material body is not the end of life, but a new beginning. Masonic historians have struggled for years to accurately identify the true origins of Freemasonry.

Those origins are revealed in the secrets contained in the Legend of Hiram Abif. The connections of those secrets to ancient practices among the Chaldean Shepherds, Hindus, Zorastrians, Egyptians and Greeks are remarkable and deliver us a very modern-day message about building stronger families, developing greater community consciousness, assisting the poor and reforming governments to the service of mankind.

Some have pointed an accusing finger at Freemasonry, alleging that it has adopted Hiram Abif in place of Jesus or the Messiah. Such, however, is entirely untrue as this book will reveal the intended symbolism embraces lessons valuable to individuals, societies and governments now and in the future.



by John R. Heisner

5.0 out of 5 stars Hiesner Did His Research, July 10, 2009
By Evan Guetz (San Diego) 
This review is from: The Secrets of Hiram Abif: A "Key" to Understanding Masonic Symbolism (Paperback)
This book is very, very informal, interesting, pleasing and worth a spot in my collection for future reference. Masonic work of art for the Masonic mind young or old.
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